Assessment Administration

Big Sky Way uses a wide variety of valid and reliable assessments which can help facilitate training, consultation. The benefit of using quality assessments provides: (a) increased self and social awareness, (b) perspective for behavioral change, and (c) measurement of developmental effectiveness. These assessments are standard in the field of Organizational Development and used by many top U.S. companies:

  • 5 Behaviors of Cohesive Team (team cohesiveness)
  • Gallup's Clifton Strengths (talent finding & team building)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (personality & team building)
  • DiSC Workplace, Sales, Conflict, Work of Leaders, and 363 (personality, interpersonal communications, team building, and  leadership)
  • Gallup Q12 (employee engagement)
  • FIRO-B (interpersonal communication & motivation)
  • Strong Interest Inventory (career development and succession planning)
  • EQ-Me & EQ360 (emotional intelligence)
  • Kouzes & Posner's Leadership Practice Inventory Self & 360 (leadership development)
  • Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (conflict approaches)
  • Caliper Profile (personality for hiring & talent development)
  • Caliper 360 Plus (personality & leadership development)
  • Caliper Analytics (team profiles)
  • California Psychological Instrument 260 (leadership development, succession planning, and hiring)
  • Utrecht Work Engagement-17 (work engagement)
  • Psychological Capital-24 (psychological capital)
  • Parker Team Builder (team roles & team building)